wp-image--1809543894Bo Veston is a Houstonian by choice, a Texan by birth, and a Christian by the grace of God.  He developed the Mobile Media Marketing Mix platform to foster his passion for writing and photography.  In time, the “4M” company grew to encompass a wider range of business ventures, to include blogging, marketing, and promotions.

Bo’s education came by way of dark & shady roads, several deep bottomless potholes, and a few significant speed bumps he had to surmount.  And I’m NOT referring to his degree in Cognitive Studies, nor his certification in Belief Therapy.

When he’s not writing, or taking pictures of his ever-fascinating surroundings, you can find Bo at the nearest maximum security prison, where he teaches Belief Therapy, and fellowships with the roughest set of neighbors you ever did see!  Bo finds camaraderie among society’s perceived human “trash;” he fits in with the misfits; he finds it easy to love the unlovable.  And his hope is that we could all venture into the darkest of prison dungeons and bring the “shadowy forfotten ones” a ray of much needed hope.  If only we were so brave…


A Close Friend