As hard as someone tries to repent and rebuild their life; as diligently as they work to amend their checkered past by doing good, helping the community, being an asset in this world instead of a liability…their past never really stays in the past.

There is always going to be that one person who has pledged his loyalty and friendship to you until… They falsely accuse you of something dastardly. The one who bragged about his love for you is the very one who will dredge up your past and use it to crucify you on a tree of false accusations.

If you have ever made such poor life choices that you ended up incarcerated as a consequence, you need to know that there will be people who will hold those poor choices against you for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter how good you have become since those dark days of old, or the lives you have saved in your committed quest to improve your community. There will come a time when someone close to you will accuse you of doing something offensive against them, and they will call the police on you, or at the very least, threaten to do so to lord their power over you.

You see, these people have to feed their egos, and they do that by always maintaining a position of superiority over you, in their minds anyway. If you have been to jail and they haven’t, they are automatically deemed superior to you. If they have more money than you, they believe that makes them better than you.

If you dare threaten their self-delusion, they are quick to remind you of your past. And regardless of the positive strides you may have made since then, it’s your mistake-laden past, spoken out loud and with smug arrogance, that will humiliate you beyond measure.

You will utterly hate the way it makes you feel. At that point ou have two choices: Continue to be treated so disrespectfully by allowing those kinds of manipulators to remain in your sphere of influence, or… take my sage advice and avoid these shallow, evil, self-important people like the plague once they reveal their true character to you.

Yes, they will go through life disrespecting others and resurrecting people’s pasts to feel that sense of power they need for survival, but they won’t have the opportunity to treat you that way ever again.

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