The Official Telling



This is the official story of the creation of PRISONERS OF HOPE MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY/MINISTRIES, INC.
In 2009, from a maximum security prison, Phil & Bo developed the foundation for POH and gained approval from the decision makers in the R&G to use their color scheme in POH’s Insignia/cut. And Dr. Paul Carlin, paved the way, legally, for POH to operate in an official ministry capacity.
Bo got out of prison first, paroling to Marble Falls, TX. Organizing the first chapter without Phil’s involvement was a challenge. Phil got out some time later and when Bo took a job in Houston, they were reunited once again, and POH officially formed the first, and ultimately, the current National Chapter.
Over the course of time, several groups solicited POH, wanting to become prospects, but POH turned them down. They didn’t have the one main ingredient required to eventually patch in: A Minister’s Spirit.
New leadership in the R&G eventually emerged, and approached Phil and Bo one evening, expressing their displeasure in POH having the same colors. But because they were so respectful to POH, after explaining both sides of the dilemma to each other, a compromise was met, and POH incorporated brown into their Insignia/color code. (Brown represents the cross used to kill Jesus Christ.) Bo & Phil were not willing to change the center piece colors, however, due to it being copyrighted, and after a few tense minutes of stony silence, the R&G conceded that their colors would look great in the center of the POH centerpiece insignia.
Without a doubt, that meeting was purely a God-thing. The R&G came knocking on Phil & Bo’s door and did it with such respect and class, and with their encouragement to continue ministering to the biker world. They admired what POH was doing and didn’t want it to stop. The entire event had God’s fingerprints all over it, and as a result, POH remains good friends with the R&G to this day.
Time passed, and one Sunday morning, POH was scheduled to speak at a Houston area church. Right before Bo was to take the podium, his friend, Joey, called. Bo took the call. Joey explained that the R&G was not allowing them to form the club, SONS OF GOD Motorcycle Ministry. Even though SOG was going to be a motorcycle ministry, they were not going to be allowed to form in Amarillo.
There is a specific process in which a MC/MM has to be formed…and it’s even harder for that club to be accepted by the “One Percenters,” and given the green light to fly their colors. The movies makes it look easy, but don’t be fooled.
After speaking with Joey about the situation, he agreed with Bo that it was hopeless to try and form SOG, but Joey was passionate about ministering to the Amarillo community as a motorcycle ministry. Bo said he would call Joey back that afternoon with a potential solution to the problem.
Phil & Bo knew Joey from prison. They did time together, and they knew Joey’s heart for the Lord. So, with a few key phone calls to their R&G friends, Phil & Bo had developed and secured a master plan.
Bo called Joey back that Sunday evening and laid out the only possible option for Joey if he was serious about wanting to be a MM.
“Patch in with POH, and you guys will have the green light to fly our colors and minister as an official MM,” Bo told Joey. There was one catch, however. “This can only happen if you accept our decision of being the chapter president in Amarillo. It won’t get the green light any other way.” He agreed.
POH apparently offended some SOG brothers with the insistence on Joey being chapter president, with some of them leaving the group. But POH didn’t know those other men…they knew Joey, and trusted HIM to represent POH in Amarillo.
Subsequently, POH invited Joey to Houston, and Phil ordained him as a minister in Prisoners of Hope. Upon returning to Amarillo, Joey got busy building the chapter, and one of his best decisions was in choosing Carlos Cranford as his VP. (Carlos soon stepped into position of chapter president and catapulted POH into the next level of ministry they enjoy today.)
What is of special interest to note in all of this is the fact that POH is a five patch club. Their insignia/cut contains five distinct pieces, or patches, which is almost unheard of today. Very few clubs in existence today sport a five piece cut. Needless to say, POH sets itself apart with this extraordinary recognition, but more importantly, as a Motorcycle Ministry, POH is set apart as prison missionaries, AND a biker ministry. Not many MM’s choose to walk into Satan’s lair and take back stolen souls, but POH does this regularly, and with success. They literally specialize in it.
Without exaggeration, it’s because of a loving & miraculous God, and a few obedient ex-cons that Amarillo has a POH presence to depend on today.
POH took their time in opening their 3rd chapter. They wanted to make sure the right leader was chosen for such an important job as chapter president. Their patience paid off. When the timing was right, Wayne Bomboy, previously a member of the National Chapter, was chosen to lead POH in the Montgomery County/Cleveland/Conroe, TX area.
Wayne has done a phenomenal job in moving POH in the right direction. His leadership and unstoppable spirit keeps POH in a position of constant growth and development. Wayne only has one gear, and that’s called, “Fast.” He gets things done and makes things happen.
So, if you’re fortunate enough to be a member of Prisoners of Hope, you are among the chosen few. You’re in a ministry that has God’s blessing on it, and His power behind it. But you’re also a target… of the enemy.
Because you break down prison strongholds, and waltz into Satan’s backyard to take back what belongs to God, you are hated with a special, intense hatred. Make no mistake, you are wanted dead, not alive. So count the cost of being in POH. It will cost you everything, but in losing it all, you will gain eternal life & vast spiritual wealth.
If you are not a member of POH, but desire to achieve such a status, get in touch with them, start hanging out with them, go into the prisons with them, and then just…be patient. If you are genuine, they will notice you. And if you have what it takes, you’ll be chosen.
A question POH hears a lot is: “What does the number 7 stand for?” Not only is 7 a significant number to God, meaning the divine number of completion, the 7th letter of the alphabet is G, which stands for God, Grace, Goodness, and Giving.
In contrast to the “One Percenter” MC’s, POH consider themselves “Ninety nine percenters…” afterall, the Word says that Jesus left the ninety nine sheep to go after and find the lost one. Part of their missionary work is to love and minister to the lost “ones…”
Stay tuned for much more to come from this remarkable ministry!

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