To Think is Torturous

This Demon-soaked rain that now floods my mind

Will drown me in it’s depths if given the time.
Not expecting a storm of this magnitude in my head
I abandoned safe shelter and encountered this devilish dread.
Yesterday I slept well with clear skies hovering round
But was insanely awakened now to a sickening thunderous sound.
If the black night has her way I will perish in this maddened confusion.
Sharp lightening reveals my failures and tortured death is my deserving conclusion.
My wounds cannot heal with these menacing clouds looming above
They shower down raindrops of hatred when I desperately need cleansing love.
This mind I’m trapped in was formed during long pain-studded years
Endless nights of black dreams fill my eyes with tormenting tears.
If only I could’ve glimpsed into my future’s sad forecast
This storm bent on drowning me would now be in my past.
I can no longer imagine living with an evil-soaked brain

But forevermore I must wade in these waters of demented rain.

-Bo Veston 1994-Beto I

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