How much info can I convey in a two minute speech?

When it comes to public speaking, there is nothing good about a “two minute” speech. I can’t even say my name in two minutes, much less discuss a topic!

I have a minimum 15 minute speech requirement today due to some two minute speech requests when I was beginning my speech journey many years ago. Two, and even five minutes is just not enough time for me to properly flesh out and thoroughly discuss a topic of interest.

But if you are a beginner speaker, I understand you accepting a speech engagement regardless of the shortness of time. You pay your dues that way. Until you become an experienced speaker, never turn down a speaking opportunity.

The concept of time is a great topic to discuss in two minutes, as a matter of fact! Talk about how short two minutes actually is, and how the world seems to be so pressed for time today. Be humorous and the audience will fall in love with you…and it will be the fastest love affair a person has ever experienced!!!

Topics like love, money, stress, anxiety, and food, can be good topics too, as long as you only focus on one segment of it. Don’t try to cover too much ground in such a short time.

Be witty, talk fast, and be concise…and the crowd will go crazy over you! And most important of all, record your speech for constructive critiquing later. You will be your own worst critic, and you will grow as a result.

And last but not least: If you have a true passion for speaking like I do, then I can only leave you with this last piece of sage advice…Never give up. Study the craft, incorporate tips from the pros, and stay sharp.

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