The greatest way to overcome and conquer anxiety is to do the very thing you fear that initially creates the anxiety. Anxiety is a product of fear, therefore, if you overcome your fears, your anxiety will disappear.

Do the things that scare you to death…and be consistent at it. And of course, the other option, and my personal favorite is this:

Build up your faith in God. Faith overcomes fear. The stronger your faith is, the weaker your fear will become.

Fear is a cunning illusion and consists of smoke & mirrors. It has no substance ouside of our imaginations. Anxiety is a symptom of fear. To treat anxiety successfully, one must uproot the cause: Fear.

Face fear head on, knowing that fear by itself cannot harm you. Only by acting on your fears can you put yourself in a position to be injured.

Fight fear with bold faith, and you will discover you are stronger and more courageous than anyone could imagine!

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