The government of the United States of America cannot find a viable solution to the mass school shooting delimma, but I have found one.

It’s a simple solution: Retract the ridiculous laws making schools gun-free zones, and post specially qualified & selected U.S. war veterans in the school hallways. That is the solution.

It isn’t a coincidence that all of the mass school shootings to date have taken place in government mandated gun-free zones. And our public school teachers, who I commend for tackling such a monumental task as educating our children, are not inclined to defending our children with lethal arms.

Teachers become teachers to teach, not to defend school children with weapons. However, our war veterans have been trained, and equipped to defend our entire nation on a consistent basis. It only makes sense to allow carefully chosen veterans to continue their life’s commitment by manning and defending our public schools against mass shooters.

These veterans would need to be closely vetted, and selected based on specially designed criteria, but once posted on the grounds of a public school, the mass shooting delimma would instantly drop to zero.

Our veterans are having problems finding employment. This solution to the mass shooting issue will solve more than one problem. Our veterans feel like they’ve been forgotten, and are of no use to our country. Again, more problems solved with this solution.

How would our country pay for veteran school protection? A combination of federal and local monies takes care of it. Our government gives local schools money and the school district reaches out to the community for funding.

I don’t pretend to know the intricacies of the financial details, but I am sure about one thing: Our children are going to continue to die as long as our schools are gun-free zones, and absent of armed, trained professionals.

Imagine trained, compassionate United States war veterans manning the hallways of our public schools, and defending our children against all enemies, both foreign and domestic…this solution must happen if we expect our children to live long enough to learn in a safe environment. Unfortunately, schools are no longer considered safe places of learning, and what a sad reality that is to swallow.

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