The Hunter becomes The Hunted

It’s utterly exhausting, and painstaking, but the Hunt seems to never end. It takes place not in a deeply wooded forest, but in a concrete urban landscape. I bet the Hunter never imagined the Hunt would go on this long…

The Hunt for the hunted began when the hunted finally escaped the hunter’s lair. And as exhilarating as new-found liberty is for the hunted, it’s equally as excruciating for the hunter to realize her prey has found a way out of the bondage she so shrewdly crafted for him.

I can now attest to the fact that freedom is not free. I always heard that idiom but didn’t understand its true significance until my escape. The sacrifices I’ve had to make to remain elusive has created a great deal of stress on myself and my loved ones. It’s a constant strain that knows no end. Unfortunately, liberty comes at a great cost.

Will the Hunter ever recapture the hunted? Hell no! And that’s because the hunted becomes more skillful at staying free with each passing day on the run. I develop survival skills, evasion tactics, and consequently, wisdom. I gain strength, patience, and determination…and the resolve that rises within me births a fierce tenacity to embrace this gift and to never again take freedom for granted.

And the Hunted knows one truism that the Hunter failed to grasp…There comes a time when the Hunter, discombobulated by the developed artful skill of her prey, fails to realize the tables have turned, and that the Hunter has now become the Hunted. What was meant to be a detriment to the Hunted only served to advance his shrewdness toward the Hunter.

But for what specific purpose has the prey changed the rules of the game and set out to achieve retribution? One may never know the answer for certain, but one thing remains crystal clear: In the words of an old wise man I once knew, “It ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.”

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