The Uneducated Enforcers

It’s amazing to me just how many of this nation’s citizens are ignorant to its laws, and policies. They know nothing about their rights here in the United States of America. Take for instance, the U.S. Constitution…

Why does there seem to be so much ignorance about our awesome Constitution when it’s taught in our public school system? A citizen will learn what 8 X 4 equals, but give him a position of authority and he abruptly forgets what the first amendment to our Constitution is. Why is that??? And sadly, this isn’t an isolated phenomenon. It’s become a nation wide crisis!

Want to glimpse the true character of a person? Give them a position of power. All of a sudden, the company policies, of which these people in power positions pledge allegiance, override the Constitution of the United States of America. How in the world did we get to this point in history?

Here is a good example of what I’m describing: A tax paying citizen stands on a public street corner and takes pictures of a federal building across the street. He’s wearing a bright orange safety vest, and is in no way trying to conceal himself. He is merely taking pictures of a federally managed building across the public street from which he stands. He never strays off of public property.

And because a federal employee doesn’t know that photography in public is a constitutionally protected right, this photographer gets accused of criminal activity, is hassled heavily, and is violated by being unlawfully detained. Why? Because a government employee (a law enforcement officer) wasn’t knowledgeable of the laws he had sworn to protect. Imagine that.

It goes like this: A police car screeches to a stop right in front of you…Suddenly, three unmarked vehicles come screeching to a halt in front of the photographer…, with their occupants exiting the cars like they had discovered the second coming of Osama Bin Laden. They tell the photographer he cannot take pictures of their federal building. It’s company policy they cite.

The picture taker knows he is protected by the Constitution, and is not bound by any company policy while standing on a public roadway. But the employees of the federal government are clueless about the law, the constitution, and their boundaries.

They ask the citizen for his I.D. Again, he knows that by law, unless he is being accused of committing a crime, he is not required to reveal his identity. The federal power hungry morons don’t even know this common law! They insist their policies override the photographer’s constitutional rights. A scuffle ensues as the federal punks try and physically restrain the citizen and several people get hurt in the process.

This scenario occurs every day, in every city in America.

Knowledge is dangerous power, and ignorance is unpredictable power! Be a responsible American and learn about your protected rights. You should’nt stand up for ignorance, but education, knowledge, and wisdom. And then…hold our government responsible to opetating by example. At the least, support those who do. Their work is unappreciated, underrated, and dangerous.

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