To Wit, or not to Wit…

 To be witty, or not be witty, that is the question!  And I have found over the course of my 48 years of life-experience that it takes a certain degree of sarcasm to really be witty. But Sarcasm can be used as a weapon just as effectively as it is used as a tool…so I’ve learned to view it as almost an art form. 

Too much sarcasm and you offend the masses, and too little and your potential wit becomes awkwardness. The brush strokes of sarcasm must be applied with artistic precision.  Instead of slicing and dicing with sarcasm, one must become skilled at stroking and smoking with their sarcasm!

Therefore, if one is yearning to become ever more witty, I suggest studying the art of Sarcasm. If you already have a sarcastic flair, practice being more sarcastic but in a non-offensive way, if that even makes sense. I personally hate to concern myself with offending others so much that I sacrifice my sarcastic wittiness. Afterall, in today’s world, ‘somebody’ is going to become offended about ‘something’, regardless of your attempts to the contrary, so…forget that last piece of advice, just be yourself and hone your sarcastic skill.  Try not to weaponize your sarcasm, but if a bystander gets whacked by it unintentionally, so be it… there will be casualties in the war on wit, ya know!

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