The Most Precious of Commodities


Today a group of men taught me all about the most precious commodity we own: TIME.  And the men who schooled me on this topic are very familiar with the concept of time because they are doing a lot of it…in a Texas Maximum Security Prison.

Today was Volunteer Appreciation Day at the prison and the men wanted to personally thank me for spending time with them; mentoring them, discipling them, and helping them change.  And whether they realized it or not, those convicted felons taught me just how precious time is, and that its a gift that once given, can never be taken back.

Every moment is a piece of time that is quickly spent… All the time, time is being used and placed in the past.  Those inmates helped me see that time, when given, is a sacrifice.

When a person chooses to give of his or her time to the betterment of a cause, it’s much more valuable than money itself.  Time is made up of great potential, opportunities, and benefits.  It’s impossible to put an exact dollar amount on time, but we know it’s extremely valuable.

Time is precious, fleeting, fragile and only exists in the here and now.  By the time you’ve considered where you want to spend your time, that time is in the past, gone forever.  So it’s time we start using our time in a timely manner.  To waste such a precious commodity is to withhold a priceless gift from someone who just might spell LOVE: T…I…M…E.

Make the investment.  Take the time to fill somebody else’s time with love and concern.  The return on your investment is ironically, time eternal.

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