FEAR’S Death Knell 

I am a man of great faith. I utilize my faith everyday, and I teach about faith in the Texas prisons…but I also have to combat the presence of fear in my life on a regular basis…But it’s not a paralyzing kind of fear. Let me explain:

Faith and fear are polar opposites, and you cannot operate in faith while simultaneously being gripped with fear. It’s impossible. However, that’s not to say that fear doesn’t affect your life on a frequent basis.

Let me give this example: If I were given the opportunity to go up for a huge promotion at work that would allow me to work on the top floor of the building where the upper management labored…but because I had a fear of being rejected by those big wigs I didn’t go up for the promotion – then fear wins; it paralyzes me, and my faith in myself is made ineffectual.

Fear is always lurking around every corner. Just accept that reality. You will face fear all the time.  But what faith does is keep fear from wrapping its defeatist, strangling tentacles around us. Faith emboldens us to push past the fear. Faith allows us to overcome fear.  Faith gives us victory over fear.

I’m a public speaker and have been for 15 years, but every time I am about to step to the podium and speak to an audience, a little bit of fear tries to worm its way in my heart. At that very moment I have to activate faith and overcome the fear. I remind myself that I’m a very good speaker, communicator, and motivator. I give myself a quick pep talk, and then I use that nagging fear to keep me sharp behind the mic.

I make the fear work for me and not against me. That little fear keeps me from becoming boring and complacent…I turn it into nervous energy so that my message is meaningful… And THAT is a perfect illustration of the activation of faith combatting and overcoming fear!

We are all given the same measure of faith. However, some of us only utilize a little bit of that measure while others use a huge quantity of the same measure of faith. But trust me when I tell you that faith is the true death knell to fear. But we must practice activating our faith everyday; we must be determined to courageously push past fear…and Fear is ever faithful to give us those daily opportunities!

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