Pick Your Poison!


Android verses Apple- the OS debate continues…

Sure, on rare occasions it happens. An Apple user will unexpectedly break her phone and her boyfriend will suggest trying the Android platform, and he just happens to have a trusty Samsung Galaxy phone in his sock drawer.

The one complaint I hear about this foray into cellphone wonderland is that Androids are too complicated. Sort of like an Old School Atari gamer being suddenly thrust into a GTA game-a-thon.  Too many buttons to push & toggle.

On the flip side of this mobile coin, the chief complaint I hear about an Android user dipping his toes into the cool waters of Appledom is…

The platform is too restrictive & controlling; Kinda like Grandpa accidently grabbing his teenage grandsons briefs from the dryer and becomes determined to get them on.

I can see legitimate beefs with each side of the eternal cellphone debate.  Both have their share of negatives.

However, I also hear good things from users who make the earth-shattering switch.  Statements like, “This apple phone is so easy to learn; only a few buttons to keep up with,” and from Android newbies: “I love how customizable this system is; I can do almost anything on it!”

I’ve debated the pros and cons of these two mobile platforms until I’m blue in the face and consequently, I’ve come to a very enlightening conclusion:

An Apple lover rarely commits adultery by taking Android as their mistress, and Android fans would never consider betraying their beloved team for another, hated opponent. The users of these two specific operating systems are fiercely loyal to their respective brands… sort of like how I am with Frankenberry Cereal!

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