The High Priest vs. The Hellish Beast



From deep within the smoking abyss of hell came forth a nasty, hate-filled beast.  And from above in the lofty Heavens descended the Almighty Priest.

They faced off on the battlefield of human life.  There could be only one winner in the end.  It was true love vs. pure evil.  The arch enemy against man’s best friend.

The beast struggled strongly to gain full control of the many priceless souls at stake.  But the awesome High priest was determined, from his hands not a soul would the beast take.

The Beast lashed out with fury, and the priest  was hung on a tree laid bare.  The souls now thought to be hopelessly abandoned, the beast assumed were now in his depraved care.

Taking great pride in winning this cosmic battle, the beast proudly declared the universe his own.  He thought foolishly the King was finally finished, but from a dark tomb a blinding light suddenly shown.

Despite his appearance of meekness, Jesus beat the devil to forever win the war.  Being resurrected from evil’s brutal death, those captured souls were eternally liberated for the winning score.




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