Turn Passion into Purpose

Have you discovered your passion in life?  Are you passionate about something that brings your heart deep joy?  If you have made this discovery then you are blessed beyond measure.  If you haven’t, then start that search today.  A life without passion is a life of boredom and mediocrity.

Once you have discovered what you’re passionate about, it’s then time to turn that passion into a purpose.  And passion becomes purposeful when its benefitting somebody else.

It’s when we are stepping outside of ourselves and investing in the lives of others that we discover our higher purpose in life.  Its one thing to be passionate about something, and quite another to bless others with it.  To hoard your passion is to deny others the unique opportunity to be touched and changed forever.  That’s right, we all have gifts and talents inside us that can impact those around us.

Turning passion into purpose changes the world…one person at a time.  Therefore, it’s not only good for us to share our passion with others, but it begins to resemble a spiritual mandate when we look around us at the state of our nation’s affairs.

Want to be a good neighbor, a good citizen, a good human being?  Turn what you’re passionate about into a life-altering purpose, and in turn, you will experience your own altered life.


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  1. A passionate life is so worth the struggles it takes to develop it into a purposeful life. I’ve been on that arduous quest for 27 years now. Its often hard, painful, and completely exhausting, but…its deeply rewarding as well. Love the blog, Mobile Media Marketing Mix! Keep up the good work!!!

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