People worth Quoting

“People do what they do because they believe what they believe.”

-Dr. Paul Carlin

In need  of some Belief Therapy?

Experts have determined that by the age of seven, the typical human being believes enough lies to negatively affect his life for decades.

Dr. Paul Carlin, a revolutionary Theologian, created a biblically centered theraputic healing modality called, Belief Therapy.  The premise goes something like this:

When it comes to negative behavior, if a person will change what they believe, they will change their life.  It’s when a person believes a lie that it creates a dark thought…that thought creates a negative emotion, and that emotion births a negative behavior.  Dr. Carlin has proven that replacing lies with truth doesn’t manage negative behavior, it resolves it.

Psychologists are big proponents of clinical models such as, “Anger Management,” but the truth is, anger cannot be managed.  It must be resolved.  Managing a negative behavior does absolutely nothing in regards to resolution of that behavior.

It’s Belief Therapy that attacks the core of a person’s behavior, their belief system, and works to identify the lies that person believes that creates the behavioral problems.

Negative behavior patterns are caused by one very important factor: Lies.

Lies are negative by their nature and naturally create negativity when acted upon.  The only factor that will attack the negativity and change a person’s behavior is: The Truth.  But not just any truth… Dr. Carlin teaches that the only undisputed truth our universe has to depend on for the highest standard of living is God’s Truth, found only in the bible.  And it’s God’s truth that changes a person’s life.

The bible is where we derive society’s highest moral principles.  There is no truth higher than God’s Word.  And through Dr. Carlin, and his modality, Belief Therapy, we can discover the lies, and then exchange the lies for Truth.  Once that truth is internalized, the person who did the exchange begins to immediately see positive results.  It’s impossible not to.

All of us could certainly use Belief Therapy because all of us, including those who are actively digging for lies, and exchanging them for truth…still have lies we must get rid of.  And the way to determine this is simple: If you display a behavior, and you experience a negative consequence from it, you can rest assured you are believing a lie about what drove that behavior.

Test yourself.  Its amazing how many lies we believe, and how many category of lies there are.  And the hardest of the catagorical lies to overcome are these: Religious Lies.

Dr. Paul Carlin is one of the most effective ministers of humanity I’ve ever seen.  And his successful case studies come from a segment of society that has been written off as unchangeable; damaged goods; hardened, unrepentant sinners.  Dr. Paul Carlin chooses to change the lives of prisoners, and not just any prisoners.  He changes the lives of long term, habitually criminal, violent prisoners.

How do I know he actually changes the lives of such throwaways using Belief Therapy?  Well, I assist Dr. Carlin every week in one of the most notorious Texas maximum security prisons, and I witness the changes that take place in prisoners lives.

He takes 38 carefully selected men from general population, and counsels them, teaches them, and restores them over a period of two years.  To date, Dr. Carlin has graduated  over 400 prisoners from his program called, Therapon.  More than 125 men have made parole after having graduated.  Only 4 have reoffended and returned to prison.  Compare that percentage to the recidivism rate of this nation’s prison system, and you will get a glimpse of the power in Dr. Carlin’s ministry.

And the Eastham Prison Unit, once deemed the most violent prison in America, by Newsweek magazine, is now a place of spiritual growth, minimized violence, and educational advancement.  It’s only fitting that Dr. Carlin would want to teach in just such a prison.  And it’s amazing that he’s been teaching on the Eastham Unit for 12 years now.

I know how effective Dr. Carlin is as a Counselor, a teacher, and a life-changer, because I’m not just his assistant…I’m also one of his graduates.



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