The epitome of Naivety

wp-image--1197237159I received a new credit card in the mail today.  This card, like most current credit/debit cards, has a micro chip imbedded in it.  I hadn’t given much thought to the chip before today.  And I would’ve most likely continued my journey of ignorant bliss had I not stumbled upon the explanation of the chip included in the credit card’s general information paperwork.

CHIP TECHNOLOGY MAKES AN ALREADY SECURE CARD EVEN SAFER, the heading read.  Being the curious one that I am, I decided to actually read further: “We’re pleased to introduce the added security of chip technology to your new credit card. Chip cards have a micro chip imbedded in the card that provides increased protection against fraud.”

How awesome is it that this micro chip can protect me against fraud, except…(digging into my wallet and pulling out other credit cards) my debit card has a similar chip imbedded in it and it didn’t do Jack Squat to protect me against fraud.  I recently had to close a bank account due to my card being used fraudulently.

I was now totally bewildered.  You mean to tell me that somebody was able to bypass this amazing micro chip technology protection and steal my card, and then my money?

How?  I still had my card in my wallet, and no one had touched my card except me.  What’s the deal???

The gargantuan credit card companies, who rake in billions upon billions of dollars annually must really believe you and I are just that stupid.  They have convinced all of America that because they imbedded a micro chip into their cards, we can now trust them with our first born children, and we will forever be safe in this utopian nation.  I call B*llsh*t.

What these godlike credit card  companies don’t tell you is that credit card hackers couldn’t care less about a micro chip imbedded in your credit card.  Why?  Because hackers don’t stand at the cashier desk hoping to glimpse your credit card number while you’re not looking.  All they are waiting for you to do is make an online purchase at places like Amazon, eBay, etsy… and just like that, your card number is in their grubby little hands and that micro chip hasn’t done a damn thing to protect you against fraud.

Just two weeks ago my bank account was accessed, and money was stolen from me, all while my credit cards sat safely in my wallet with the micro chips viciously guarding them against fraud.  Imagine that.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this epitomizes the naivety that our nation has plundered into recently.  It speaks to this nation’s willingness to trust in mirages; illusions; to so easily be snookered by smoke and mirrors.

Friends, I only have one thing to say to you in closing: PLEASE WAKE UP!

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