“Attention: There has been a JUSTICE ALERT issued for the following Texas Counties…”

I heard this alert come over the car radio earlier today.  Apparently, there is a neglectful mother on the run from authorities, and the public is being asked to help apprehend her. 

From what the alert stated, this particular woman has neglected her young daughter and needs to be brought to justice.  After learning the details of the alleged child neglect, my heart broke for the young kid. 

It seems, “Darla,” (the name has been changed to protect the child) has neglected her daughter since infancy.  Unimaginable damage has undoubtedly been inflicted upon this innocent child due to one continuous, tragic act: Darla has denied her child the incredible pleasures of experiencing a delicious, frosty,  ICEE!

I could hardly believe what my car’s speakers were blaring about this woman’s terrible deeds!  To never have introduced her child to the wonders of a cherry Icee is a crime I can hardly fathom.  

My righteous indignation swelled as I fantasized about the severity of punishment I found myself wishing upon this woman who can hardly be called human.  I almost cried thinking about the years of intense counseling this young girl will endure. 

This mother is on the run and should be considered armed and dangerous.  If you see her, don’t attempt detain her on your own.  Just call the Icee police and let them handle this delicate matter. 

Please don’t make the mistake this abusive mother has; don’t become an outlaw because of neglect bordering on child abuse.  Make certain your children experience the life-enriching pleasures of Icees.  Obey the law, friends, and raise your children the right way.  After all, it’s the law. 

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