I’m serious, it’s the law! 

Something dawned on me recently that has me exasperated, to be quite frank. I just naturally assumed that all good citizens of the Great state of Texas understood and obeyed the Buccee’s law. 

I know you’ve heard of it.  I read it on the internet years ago so I know it’s true. Texas law stipulates that Texas travelers, who travel from one county in Texas to another, must stop at a roadside Buccee’s before proceeding on their journey.  The law requires at least one Buccee’s stop per carload of travelers. 

Now if you’re like me, you naturally obey Texas law when traveling and couldn’t imagine passing a Buccee’s without stopping.  The internet didn’t explain the punishment for disobeying this law but I can only guess it must be harsh.  Just being banned from a Buccee’s would be severe enough! 

For the few Texans who didn’t know the law before reading this blog, I’m glad I was able to inform you before you got caught.  I would hate to see anyone get ticketed for breaking the Buccee’s law.  And now that all of us understand the importance of obeying the law, we can sleep comfortable at night knowing we are good, obedient, Texas citizens.  

Knowledge is power, and the Lone Star State has benefitted from our education, and has citizens more aware than ever about the laws that make this state great. Let’s make it our mission to inform every citizen,  and keep the police from pulling us over during our travels.  The last thing any of us need is a ticket for disrespecting the Buccee’s law.  I shudder to think how we could ever possibly explain ourselves in court! 

To find out more about the Texas Buccee’s law, please visit: http://www.donttakemeserious.com


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