The Tattooed Amnesia Lady

wp-image-212841517My Buddy was extremely excited to finally get his next tattoo…the big day had arrived and not a minute too soon!  He had asked me to assist him in choosing various elements to be added to his skin art, and I felt honored to help.

We did our research, and found the right Tattoo artist.  She came highly recommended, and produced awesome pieces of art.  We felt like we were in capable hands.

I sent the artist several tattoo examples of the style of art my friend wanted.  She would email back suggestions and questions…this went on for a couple of weeks.  Now the time had arrived and we were headed to the tattoo shop to receive a permanent mark of artistic pride.

We had not actually met the Tattoo artist until we walked through the door… And we were very unimpressed.  She had the personality of a Koala Bear, and didn’t seem to know who we were.  And what made matters worse, she had not even taken the time to sketch her ideas to show us what she had envisioned from the many examples I had emailed her over the past couple of weeks!  Needless to say, my blood was slowly reaching the boiling point, and my Buddy could see my displeasure.

“I will draw something up now,” She said, as we asked her why she didn’t have sketched ideas to look at, after two weeks of communication.  As we were rising to leave in search of a more Competent artist in the area, she handed us her rendering of my friend’s tattoo.

Our frustrations instantly disappeared when we saw what she produced.  It  was more than we expected and better than we were imagining.  My friend’s eyes spoke volumnes: He liked it as much as I, and the cost was just as pleasing.

I stood guard over him while the ink artist went to work. She spoke very little, but over the course of the next 3 hours her skills came to life.

George and I left the tattoo parlor with our hearts full of pride,  and our minds focused on the night’s lesson: “Our expectations for others are often lofty and unrealistic.   Keep expectations of others low,  and when they exceed them,  you’re pleasantly surprised… But when they don’t measure up to them,  you’re not bitterly disappointed. ”  And finally,  go get a tattoo from our new friend,  The Tattooed Amnesia Lady.   Her name is Bonnie.

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