Men: On the verge of Extinction

I see it on the news, on my favorite TV programs, and I even read about it in books…men crying over a relationship breakup, bawling over an internet ad showing caged & abused cats, and even weeping over Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election.  Are they serious??!??  It blows my mind that men today are becoming  effeminized and weakened, and reshaped into soft, spineless jellyfish.  How in God’s name did this happen???

What happened to men being men?  Is that becoming a social crime now?  Is it just me, or are men in this country seeming to follow after the trends of their female counterparts?!  Think about it:

Men are wearing earrings in both ears now…they are wearing their hair in manbuns…they are shaving their legs and painting their toenails…and men are even wearing thumb rings!  What in the world is going on?!?  Men are under attack in the United States, and they are losing the battle because they had rather hold a purse than a battering ram.

I can only surmise that men are becoming effeminized due to the change in today’s modern family unit.  Fathers are abandoning their families in record numbers, and the mother’s are left to raise the children all by themselves.  And don’t get me wrong- women do a tremendous job raising kids on their own.  My mother raised me, and I am forever grateful to her for that.  But there is simply no substitute for a male presence in the home.  As hard as women try, there are some things they cannot pass down to their male children.  Male children need the guidance of other adult males, its as simple as that.

When the father is displaced, the children are misplaced, and the guidance is ultimately replaced by examples that are woefully inadequate.

Men in America should be wild at heart; they should be ferocious; they should be hard, and fierce, and brave, and dependable, and even stink a little…but instead they are becoming weak and sissified, and scared, and cowardly.  And we wonder why our nation is in such dire straits?!

Come on men, it’s time to take off those skirts, put down the eye shadow, and get back into the masculine game.  You’re not mere cheerleaders, you’re warriors…brutally smashing your opponents on the field of life, winning the war of manhood.

Hey guys, wake up!  Get off the bench…get back onto the field, and start winning back your maleness.  This country needs more of the masculine you.  Badly.




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