The Best Policy?

Being in the insurance industry, agents tout this mantra constantly: “I have the best policy on the market.” But that’s simply not true, and insurance agents promoting a bogus package like this ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Insurance policies are as unique to each client as the client is.  A policy that meets my needs will not automatically meet the needs of my neighbor down the street.  Yet, agents are selling policy packages that include unnecessary riders.  Please stop it!  You give honest, caring agents a bad reputation.

Folks, if an insurance agent ever tells you, “This policy is the best policy on the market,” without having asked you a series of specific questions first, hang up on him, kick him out, and get rid of him.  He’s just wanting to make a sale and doesn’t care about you as a person.

There are some very good insurance agents in our great nation who care about the needs of their clients.  Glen Nelson is one of those compassionate advocates.  Glen cares about each person he insures and makes sure he’s not selling someone a product they don’t need.  Yes, it takes longer, there’s less money to be made that way, but Glen sleeps good at night because he knows he served his fellow man well.  Glen knows a truth more of us need to grasp:  It’s not about money.  It’s about people.  Take care of people, and the money will come.

The best policy has very little to do with insurance when you stop to consider it.  The best policy has everything to do with how you treat others.  People don’t care what you know, until they know how much you care.  Value people and you will have an enriching career in the insurance business.  But focus on money, and you will always fail.  In the words of Dr. Paul Carlin: “Love people and use money, don’t love money and use people.”


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