The Game has Changed

Technology has changed the game, and our society is slowly getting away from the “hourly wage identity” syndrome.  

The innocent days of the 1950’s are over and “Leave it to Beaver” we are no longer!  It’s more like, “Breaking Bad” for our modern day society, where making a hourly wage has been replaced by internet marketing, young arrogant entrepreneurs, and the Dark Web.

More and more people are discovering they can make money in their pajamas, never having to leave the comfort of their bedrooms.  And with such a reality quickly taking shape, what is preventing the rest of us hard, “hourly wage earners”, from jumping ship and following suit?  We are too stubborn to think outside the box and realize that our society is passing us by!  This is just my humble opinion of course.

A lie can be as strong as the truth if you believe it…and millions of Americans believe a lie about themselves today:  

They believe their time is worth a few bucks a hour, and nothing more.  I used to believe that same lie.  But I broke out of that restrictive mold and chose to stretch my belief system and begin seeing my time as much more valuable.

Did I embrace the truth immediately? No, it took time to break away from the death grip the hourly wage lie had on me… but finally I wrenched myself free from it’s sharp talons and I live a much better life today as a result.  And so can you.

Begin to see yourself more valuable. Begin to look at your life as more meaningful than a mere few dollars a hour.  Once you start envisioning this truth in your mind, your life will follow.  

Yes, it will be difficult at first, and Ramen Noodles may have to become a delicacy for awhile, but nothing worth having comes easy.  It takes effort, but you can do it.  If I can do it, anybody can do it, so…DO IT, and become an active member of changing the game! YOU’RE WORTH IT. 

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